What to look for in a Computer.

What to look for in a Computer.


When you start the sometimes scary task of replacing your old computer, there can be real questions about what to purchase. What do you really want? What hardware will be the perfect fit for what will soon be my new computer. Many of us just assume that any new computer we purchase will be much faster than the one we had before, because that’s how it’s been for so long. Not so these day. Some computers are made to be the cheapest price, they skip the things that most people would agree they want or need. In doing so you get a very slow or sometimes woefully inadequate computer. The goal I set for customers in general is to get a computer which functions on the same timeline they do. For instance, if you use Webmail, Microsoft Word, edit pictures from Facebook, etc. Then you can get away with an Intel i3 CPU with solid-state For the main drive. If you are just using a laptop but keep it stationary on a desk, then you should be fine using a normal hard drive which is more delicate than a solid state drive.


Below is a list of CPU’s and drive combinations to suit some peoples normal needs.


Intel I3 or AMD A8 CPU, Solid state drive: Good for fast boot ups and basic use such as Facebook Email Word etc.

PS: If you just use your computer at the desk and leave it in sleep mode, you can use a normal hard drive.


Intel I5 / AMD A10 CPU, Solid state drive: Good for a work horse computer which has multiple displays as well as Multiple programs working at the same time, with these specs you can expect to handle any task that doesn’t require specialized equipment.


Intel I7 / No AMD equivalent, Solid state drive: Good for longevity, this computer should last some years, you can expect to have about 6 years of use on this computer with little speed decrease due to the age and how slow the cpu gets over time. – In other words when this computer dies, it should be in tip top shape speed wise.

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